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Shopping fo TWO!!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am crazy for this kind of literature. And recently Shophie Kinsella has become my new favorite author. I’ve always considered myself more of a Helen Fielding fan. But Shophie’s main characters have something that Helen’s just don’t have. It’s something that makes me more attracted to them.


I can’t really explain what it is, I think it’s a mix of innocence, charm and mother instinct. Honestly, can you really picture Bridget Jones getting pregnant? Even thought they are not really pregnant, nor do they have children, they somehow tend to think about the possibility of having children once or twice.


The very last paragraph of “Can you keep a secret?” was something like this:


“Tonight Jack caught staring at him, deep in thoughts, and when he asked me what was it that I was thinking, I shrugged and answered ‘Oh, nothing!’ When in reality I was really picturing how all of our children are going to look like. So yes, I think a girl is entitled to keep a secret or two from their boyfriends.”


Kids are a constant part of a woman’s thoughts, and I just think that Helen’s characters lack some of that. So I changed sides, sue me! I say it aloud Sophie Kinsella is my new favorite author. I just finished reading “Can you keep a secret?” for the second time, it’s rare when I turn to a book for a second time. This just shows how much I’m into this particular author. I’ve also finished reading “Shopaholic & Baby”, never before had I read anything about Becky Bloomwood, I picked the book up on the bookstore because of the title.


I fell so much in love with Becky that I’ve started to read the first book of the series. I’ve also learned to stop judging the book by it’s cover, or rather content, I didn’t want to read Shopaholic in the first place, because I thought it would be a dumb book about a woman who likes to shop a lot. It turns out, the book is not as shallow as I predicted.


I can’t wait to read “Remember Me”, the story sounds interesting, but no sings of it coming to Brazil anytime soon. Maybe “Record” needs someone knew to translate the book. I’d volunteer for sure. The person who translated “Can you keep a secret” actually translated ‘TAXES’ as meaning ‘TAXI CAB’ instead of financial charge as it really meant. So clearly they need someone more competent!

Shophie Kinsella's website
Can you keep a secret? - My favority book ever
Shopaholic & Baby - So sweet
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How does she know?

Did you have had any time to check out the movie Enchanted? It’s pretty good, in a Disney movie kinda way. I got the DVD a couple of weeks ago, and I gotta say that the movie didn’t up hold the trailer. That being said, the movie wasn’t a total waste of time either. It’s a Disney movie, what did you expect?


The photography of the movie was simply beautiful, the actors were well cast. Amy Adams was perfect as Giselle, had you seen her before? I haven’t, and I’ve been very impressed with her, her voice was made for singing, and she did not look 34 y/o, if they told me she was 16, I’d have believed.


Patrick Dempsey rocked, he was so handsome, he ages with grace. Those who had seen him when he was younger would never have guest how handsome he would be looking someday. James Marsden was too funny. Timothy Spall, oh, look. Wormtail is in Enchanted!


And... Susan Sarandon... She was perfectly evil, and beautiful. Although I didn’t buy that dragon very much. I liked that it was actually Giselle that came to Robert’s rescue in the end. It was too funny:


Queen Narissa: [transforms into a dragon] Well, I'll need a story for when I go back to Andalasia. How about "a huge monster appeared and killed everyone, and poor Queen Narissa barely escaped". I think I'll start with the girl who started it all!

Robert: [jumps in front of Giselle] Over my dead body!

Queen Narissa: [shrugs] Ok, I'm flexible.


Another part that cracked me up was when Giselle and little Morgan were doing their hair in the beauty parlor:


Morgan: Remember, when you go out not to put too much makeup or the boys may get the wrong idea. They are only after one thing.

Giselle: What's that?

Morgan: I don't know. They won't tell me.


No wonder in the beginning when Giselle sang the “True love’s kiss” song she said “four lips are the only things that touch” I guess she _was_ being literal. A thread was opened at imdb.com to discuss how Disney characters have sex.


Anyway, the movie was just magical. I wish I had a little girl to watch the movie with, I bet my girl would love Giselle just as much as I did. The song I liked the most was “That how you know” it starts with Giselle singing acapella in Central Park, then a band starts playing the song for her, and Giselle breaks out dancing. In the end of the song, everyone in Central Park are dancing and singing haply. 

Watch “That’s how you know” song

An interview with Amy Adams

Watch the trailer


Sci-Fic, wormholes & Time travel

So, I watched the first part of “The Triangle” last night. As recommended by a friend of mine, Tato, from college. And I’ll tell you this, I’m intrigued. I loved the vibe of the movie, I even had a weird dream. I went to sleep, I must have woken up ten minutes later, and my whole body ached, a cramp like ache.


It was amazing, it was as if I was awake, but couldn’t move my body. It scared the hell out of me!


My mom once had a dream like this, she said she woke up, but couldn’t see perfectly because there was some kind of cloud in front of her. She said she heard our ex helper’s voice in the kitchen, and she asked herself, “What’s Vitoria doing here?” She ventured to the living room, and saw me playing in ground, and I was about seven years old.


My mom tried to contact me, but she couldn’t, she also said that when she moved her hand the cloud moved with her. She heard the phone ringing, so she picked it up, and guess who it was? It was a telemarketee, my mom was standing in the living room, the cloud was gone, she was fully awake by that time and the girl on the phone was telling her about magazine subscriptions.


It’s moments like those that make you think about what is REALLY real, and what’s not?! The movie also put me in a sci-fic mood. I just remember about this Stephen King movie, The Langoliers, I watched when I was a kid, I’m going to rent the movie this weekend to watch it again.

It doesn’t rain, it pours!

I guess that one of the good things about living in a tropical country like Brazil is that we don’t have to worry about snow, or tornados, and earthquakes, etc. Well not when it’s the middle of summer and it rains like mad, then you have to worry about what time you will be getting at home.


Take yesterday for example. My mom left work at about 8:30 pm, she got caught up in the flood and guess what time she arrived home?... 2 am! She called me on my cell phone to tell me she wasn’t going to make it to my campus to pick me up, she told me I’d better hurry home.


Just my luck! One of the reasons my mother picks me up everyday is because we live in a very dangerous neighborhood. So, there was I, wearing a see-through blouse, soaking wet because my umbrella refused to help keep me dry. It was very dark and the streets were empty, it was past midnight… Can you picture it yet?


I know I’m very brave… but I’m not Lois Lane brave! My flight-and-flee instincts kicked in, any sound would startled me. I could almost see myself getting mugged or even worse raped! I was holding my umbrella like it would save my life, something good had to come out of it…


In the end I got home safe and sound. Thanking God for watching my back. And getting lots of kissed from my dog. 


Yesterday was my first day back to college. It was so frustrating. When you reach five o’clock in the afternoon all you want to do is go home. You feel like you are just done with work, you want to take a nice bath, relax and watch some TV… Nope! I needed to drive all the way across town, or better yet, take a buss AND a subway. Just to sit through an obnoxious teacher telling crap about “Brazilian Afro-Amerindia Culture” and the twelve years he spent living in France.


I don’t care if he has no idea what Raul Seixas’ songs sound like because he was living on France the time Raul Seixas was famous! I don’t care if his mother thought he was gay because he spent hours in front of the mirror trying to make his hair look like James Dean’s. Just give the damn class, isn’t that what you are being paid for?!


The nerve… Hopeful this year will fly me by. My mantra these days has been “Just one more year, and you’re done!”


I’m done, and tired… I can’t even begin to describe how tired I am. This morning I couldn’t open my eyes, seriously, it was one of the most difficult tasks I ever manage to do! Yes, I am exaggerating, but it really was! My cell phone woke me at 06:00 am and I was like, “just five more minutes!” The funny thing is that five minutes latter I would wake up on my own. I think I have a great control over my body. It’s scary sometimes.


Talking about yesterday… I downloaded John Lennon’s song “Working Class Hero”, it’s such a great song. I’ve always been a fan of his songs, especially “Instant Karma”. I was on my way to college last night listening to this song, and lots of things went through my head! I even thought of tattooing “Working Class Hero” on my back. The song is my life, from head to toe.


“They hurt you at home and they hit you at school, they hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool, till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules…”


I love this part!


I think the song somehow trigged my Heroes fascination, lol. I had a dream last night in which I was about eight years old and had special powers. When I discovered my powers some creepy guy started coming after me. I know it wasn’t Syler, no, the guy in my dream was big, ugly, and very dirty.


He might have been a huge cockroach, and this is totally a Heroes reference, because there’s always a cockroach hidden in the background. Mohinder Suresh said in the pilot We are not the pinnacle of so-called evolution. That honor belongs to the lowly cockroach. Capable of living for months without food. Remaining alive headless for weeks at a time. Resistant to radiation. If God has indeed created Himself in His own image, then I submit to you that God is a cockroach.


See, there must be something to with that cockroach, and I don’t know what. Unfortunately I’ve only seen four episodes of season two. I have no idea if the cockroach character has been introduced yet! But I have a theory that it pays a important part on this story… Can’t wait to figure it out!


Why on the go?

Well, it kid of makes sense when you are familiar with my life. This is who I am, I live in Brazil and I’m a 21 y/o (almost, I’m 20, but who is counting?). I'm an intern who is just starting her last year of College. Cool right? Oh, but I’m still on school break.


Have you ever heard of the term “e-learning”? That’s what I work with, I’m an intern from the e-learning department of FIA, I guess you can say it’s a college, but then again it’s not. FIA specializes on MBAs. I take care of the look of the website. And as soon as I graduate I am planning on working with Digital Marketing. Though I’m not sure yet.


At college, the place where I’m a Senior *cough*, I’m getting my degree on Social Communication and Publicity at Belas Artes (Fine Arts). So basically my life happens ON THE GO, because I only go home to sleep.


I wake up at 06:30am, I get ready, buy some breakfast at the bakery, I take a train and eat my breakfast there, after finishing my breakfast I read a book. And forty minutes later I take a bus... And 20 minutes later I arrive at the place where I work at. I should arrive at 08:00am, but it’s normal when I arrive from 20 minutes to one hour late. The traffic jam in São Paulo is CRAZY.


Usually, when I don’t need to work late, I leave the office at 05:00pm, I take a bus, this bus ride to College is an hour long. And after the bus I take a subway! 15 minutes later I arrive at the mall near my college where I eat dinner, I walk ten blocks to get to campus and at exactly 08:00pm the class begins. Piece of cake, right?


I usually leave the campus at 10:30pm, my mother picks me up, an hour later I’m home. I still find time to watch reruns of “Hannah Montana” and “Zack & Cody” on Disney Chanel while I eat something, because if I don’t I’m not strong enough to wake up next morning. You’re probably asking, "what is a woman in her twenties doing watching kid’s shows like those?"


They are funny shows. They’re slapstick comedy, just what I need after having a day like that. Oh, and I love ARWEN, he cracks me up every time. And London is so stupid, you gotta love stupid!


And this is my life, like I said it’s a piece of cake. And I’m very happy, so why to complain?